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Updated on: Tue Mar 31 2020

Streetify provides businesses several powerful ways to advertise and communicate with their users:-

Log into your store (settings/ your store settings/ Update Store or Add a new deal) to improve the look of your store, add your latest logo, and advertise deals or messages. Given that you can add and change messages as often as you like, you can even use Streetify to promote products or an event for just an hour or so to clear stock that's at the end of its shelf life, or use the 'share' option to create excitement. Use 'Share' to tell your customers via your social media accounts.

Businesses can create as many simple window messages as they wish, for free (if they don't have an Affiliate scheme). The messages can include discount codes, and a link to further information e.g. a deal page on their site. If they choose to provide an image we make a small charge for that. If they also have any deals on Deal Sites, then their own direct message takes precedence but the deal site deals will also be shown underneath.

Any business that promotes a deal via one of the many deal sites included in Streetify (e.g. Groupon, Ebates, Quidco etc.) will also see their deal offered via their webstore window automatically. They don't need to do anything for that to happen, although if they promote via a deal site that doesn't appear in our list then simply ask the deal site to get in touch via the Forum, and we'll add them in. Where a business that has an Affiliate program that is handled by 'Sub-network's' then they will see a special announcement in their store window, taking precedence over Deal site offers.

New Streetify user initial stores

Streetify users are initially provided with a range of webstores and streets, to get them started. Those valuable initial slots will be available to qualified businesses, on a geographical basis. If you are interested in this, please contact us, using the contact form in 'settings'.

The benefits of advertising on Streetify

Streetify talks to consumers who have demonstrated, often by saving a website to their streets, that they have substantial interest in the product or service.

When a user shares their street, they are promoting a brand to their friends - creating hot leads and credibility.

As with all game-changing systems, early Streetify adopters are likely to benefit most in the long run, so ensure your marketing people are aware of and learning about the opportunities that Streetify presents - particularly when famous celebrities start involving their fan bases. Imagine what could happen to your business if an A lister puts it onto their streets.