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Updated on: Mon Mar 23 2020

Streetify searches for deals in the main deal websites, and serves them to users who have either shown interest by saving them to their own streets, or visited malls and high streets around the globe. The deals are localised - e.g. a French or US user will only see the deals that they can benefit from in the country where they live even when browsing another country's streets or malls.

When a user clicks on a deal/ voucher code/ cashback they are taken to the relevant deal website page. Streetify supports deal websites by promoting their deals to consumers and will cause incremental membership. To make Streetify as useful as possible we don't limit ourselves to those sites that sponsor (affiliate) to us. However, where a deal site chooses to promote itself via Streetify and maximise new memberships we provide the option to sponsor (affiliate). Affiliated deal sites appear higher up the list where several deal sites offer deals, and also appear in a larger panel with their logo. The non affiliated deal sites will appear in a smaller box, without logo, beneath the sponsors.

During the start-up period, all sites are given affiliate status. We want to be inclusive, so if your site is missing or has any errors, do please send us a message via the forum or 'contact us' option, and we'll get in touch.