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Updated on: Fri Feb 18 2022

Our aim is to support small/ local businesses and shopping streets. So, we don't charge small businesses to put basic messages and deals in your own store window! Because it's free, you can change the message as often as you wish. So, for example, if you are a local bar or restaurant you may choose to use Streetify to tell customers about an event, special, or deal and change it as often as you like.

Bars and restaurants in a street could advertise bands, special lunch deals, themed nights and so on - changing their message daily or even by the hour. Given that it's so easy for users to see and compare the offerings from several outlets in an area, the ones that put more effort into attracting customers will see their business grow. If they also want to promote via one of the deal websites, then those deals will also be available to Streetify users without any extra effort or cost.

To load a message or deal

To load a message is really easy. Just join Streetify using your email with the same ending as your website (so that anyone without the correct email can't make changes to your window message). For example [email protected] will work, but [email protected] will not.

Make it short and sweet

Streetify will re-size your message to fit the window. The shorter the message, the bigger the typeface will be - that's really important if your customer is using their small smartphone when shopping to see what's on at your store.

Check your business location.

If you store is missing or in the wrong place, go to to get it moved. If it's wrong on Streetify, it's wrong on nearly every car satnav - so the sooner you do that the better.

Upgrade your graphics

If you wish, you can load your own graphics in your window. Create a 'square' image, gif or even stream real time video. If you're a small business there's a small charge involved because this uses more resources at Streetify (and we have to make money somewhere!)

Problem with someone loading deals who shouldn't?

Because we use such a simple way to check you're the right person to load a window message, it may be possible for someone mischievous to fiddle with your window (an ex employee with your email ending perhaps?). You can pay to have a higher security membership, where we check you are indeed the right person to change the window in your business. If you do that, your window can thereafter only be changed by you. We have to charge for that because it takes extra work at our end.