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Updated on: Mon May 10 2021

The basics

Use Streetify to save money and organise your online world.

Streetify combines smart price comparison (we look for cheaper prices on the same product you're browsing), with a search for vouchers and savings in over 50 major deal sites including Groupon, Topcashback and so forth, and is therefore the cheapest place to buy nearly anything. We also have re-engineered the world's main streets and malls into virtual form - offering a hybrid of bricks and mortar physical shopping streets with an online representation.

You need to join

You'll need to 'join' if you want to keep your choices of stores, streets and malls because we need to keep your choices on our server - that way you can use your mobile, tablet or computer and it'll always have your latest version. Don't worry - we won't pass your contact details to anyone without your permission. Furthermore, unlike ordinary deal sites, we won't email you with daily offers - with Streetify you're in charge.

You need to agree to location services

Streetify is geo-referenced, so that we can tell you about local prices and offers. Additionally, when it's night the lights come on and your streets will show the weather, wherever in the world you're visiting. This only works if you agree that your device can use your location, so please agree to that when asked.

Organise your online life (coming soon)

Create, move or delete your streets.

Adding a new website is so, so easy - just use the Google search option in Streetify on your mobile or tablet. Without you doing anything we search for prices and deals, and create a virtual store of your browsing history in 'My Streets'. If you wish, create your own streets, then move your saved stores to organise your online life.

If you load several pages from the same company, it'll automatically create a sort of 'department store'. For example if you save several different items of clothing from one of your favourite shops, Streetify will automatically load them all in one place instead of filling your street with the same store umpteen times.

Add the Streetify Extension to your PC or Mac

Just go to when on your PC or Mac, download the Extension to your browser, and Streetify will work in the background to spot savings. It's fully automated - if it finds a price or a deal it'll tell you, if not it simple keeps quiet.

Choose the deal sites you're a member of.

Streetify has vast numbers of deals, cash backs and voucher codes from most of the world's largest deal websites. By default, every deal site is offered. To simplify the deals you see, if you wish you can just click the deal sites you're interested in hearing from.

Save your favourite high streets and malls from around the world

If you go to a real street or mall and you like what you see, then to avoid searching again just click 'Favourite'. The next time you look for it, it'll be in the favourites list.

See famous celebrities streets (coming soon)

Click on Explore, then Celebrities to see A list celebs favourite websites, charities, where they shop and buy tickets and merchandise.

Local Deals for foreign stores

Where you see a deal in a webstore in a foreign country, if we can find a deal local to you (so you can easily get it), we'll load the deal you can access in your country. If you are abroad and want to see the deals that locals see, just (only while you're there), change your country setting in your account.

Share your fun with your friends (coming soon)

Click the 'share' logo to share the streets you choose with your friends. Tell them about the cool shops you buy in or perhaps the clever new websites that will make life more fun. Don't worry about sharing sites you'd rather keep to yourself - you can choose not to share streets that are personal or private.