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Updated on: Mon May 10 2021

Streetify is the cheapest place in the world to buy nearly anything. 

Streetify’s amazing technology checks every website for comparative prices, including price comparison sites and doesn’t limit itself to those that pay commissions. So we find far more prices than any ordinary price comparison site. We also check the page to make sure it’s the same product, to avoid wasting your time looking at alternatives that you just don’t want.  

We are the easiest way to find deals, voucher codes, coupons and cashbacks. Streetify has aggregated over 50 deal sites in one place and instead of being deal-centric (getting deals then selling them to you by email) we are user-centric (youchoose which brands you would like savings and deals from). When we’ve found a deals site that has savings for the store you’re on, we tell you so you can choose to join them for future savings. Streetify saves you time checking to see which deal sites have savings for the store you’re buying from.

Visit, buy and save in local stores, bars and restaurants. Streetify is the world’s first site to have every shopping street and mall in gorgeous virtual graphics, with every store (that has a website), globally. To go to a store just click on the store name, or to see deals click on the store window. The landscape ('Street') view is georeferenced so when it's dark, the lights come on, when it rains in real life it rains in Streetify and so on.

Streetify supports small business and local government to get people back to high streets. Bars, restaurants, cinemas and stores can use Streetify to draw people in with announcements of events and deals. Small companies don't even pay to advertise, so keen are we to support their efforts to SAVE OUR SHOPPING STREETS.

Streetify works on every browser and every mobile device – so you can access savings wherever you are. 

We won’t sell your data or give third parties access. We also won’t pester you with daily emails. The reason why we ask you to 'join' and provide your name and email is so that if you create your own My Perfect Street ™ you can see it across devices (coming soon), and help you get the most out of Streetify. If you have a store on Streetify you need to 'join' using the same email address as your business - so that you can put messages to customers in your Streetify window.